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  1. Hello.....I'm new to this site & I know this has been a topic discussed in past posts but I have a few specific questions & I need some feedback. 1) My business specializes in Native American Pottery so is it best to incorporate words like Native or Tribal in the official business name? 2) I dont think it's a great idea to use the name of the tribe as I feel it will only draw interest for that specific tribe but I could be wrong, any thoughts? 3) I feel sticking below a 12 characters in the name is important as a few popular social media sites have a character limit on the name, so incorporating either the word Tribal/Native along with Pottery/Studio would already put the name to long & that's before I add my name or any other word which is a must. I think its probably important to emphasize the fact that its Native American as that difference brings a premium value to the work. Any thoughts on this &/or is this as important as I feel it is? 4) Strange question....If I use my name + the word pottery is it ok to use my first & middle name instead of my first & Last name? Middle name saves on several characters & is catcher sounding in my opinion, but my issue is my middle name is "Lea" & in my family it's the female version of the name "Lee" & pronounced the same as "Lee". However, I feel a lot of people will try to pronunce "Lea" like the name "Leah" instead. Is this even an important matter? Would it be better to change my spelling in the business name, instead of spelling it as "Lea" vs. use the spelling of "Lee"? Curious on your initial instinct on the name "Lea", would you pronounce it as "Lee" or "Leah"?
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