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  1. @Min Apologies! I didn't mean I would be using it on this piece. 90% of what I do is purely decorative, and I'm always looking for more ideas on surface treatment. Totally different thoughts edit: just looked through that thread you shared. it sounds like fun but that was a short lived excitement! i'd rather stick to my powdered frit
  2. Hi again! I saw a few posts relating to where to get your BFA in ceramics, but they were all circa 2012, and there weren't many school options. Does anyone have some more recent ideas of good ceramic undergrad programs? I'm based out of Portland, Oregon but I'm more than willing to go nearly anywhere for the right program. I'm used to/fluent in ^10 firings, glaze and clay mixing, raku, wood fire, soda & salt fire, and kiln construction and repair (to an extent). I mainly do handbuilding and slab work, not to mention sculpture in many different media, but I'm also familiar with wheel throwi
  3. I hadn't thought about using real glass at all actually; this is a gorgeous piece! i live near the coast so I might try to find some sea glass shards and see what the minerals do in the kiln. Thank you so much for this input!
  4. visual piece, it’s part of a backflow incense burner
  5. Hey everybody! Brand new member but seasoned artist (to an extent). I have a very specific thought/question in mind that I cannot for the life of me find the answer to on google. I'm wanting to use some sort of high silica and/or high flux glaze to intentionally pool INSIDE the bottom of a bowl to make a sort of clear water effect. Would Shaner clear do just fine? or should I alter the recipe of some other clear glaze? Mix a whole new one? How thick can I make the glaze before it doesn't come out right? For best results should I pour it in layers or all at once? I fire at ^10 so high fire glaz
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