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    EKasse got a reaction from Roberta12 in Studio planning...would you keep kiln(s) in a cement & brick room off the house or fit them into a new garden studio   
    From personal experience, my kiln used to be in my garage and the studio was at the back of a VERRRRRRRY long garden.  What a pain in the you know what to bring items down the path for firing.  
    Got to think about what's best for you.  My kiln is in my studio (which is just an adapted garage) - i don't have any sophisticated venting system but it sits next to a door and window so when it's on i open a window/door.  Only downside is that i can't use the studio when it's on.  But that's not a big deal for me.
    Key point from my rambling is to think about what you really need from your studio and then take it from there.  plan plan plan!
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    EKasse got a reaction from Hulk in How long is too long for Greenware   
    i had greenware sitting around for well over a decade.  they survived a trip when i moved house and when i finally got the kiln plugged in, they fired perfectly as if i had made them only a week or so ago :-)
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    EKasse reacted to Magnolia Mud Research in Painting with underglazes on to bisc ware- how to make them flow better   
    1. add moisture to the bisque surface before brushing on the underglaze.
    if 1 don't work enough, dilute the underglaze with some water.  
    use brushes that hold a lot of fluid;  for fine lines, use brushes that have fine tip and hold a lot of fluid.   
    practice, practice, practice.   

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    EKasse reacted to Hulk in Painting with underglazes on to bisc ware- how to make them flow better   
    Hi Ela!
    For smooth thin lines, likely you'll get some detailed responses*, for several regular forum contributors do some very detailed underglaze work.
    You might try a tool like Xiem precision applicator - a squeeze bulb fitted with a small tube.
    I do use underglazes, but not for any fine/detailed work - filling chatter marks and carving, and patterns with stencils/tape. I find  picking up some water in the brush before picking up a bit of underglaze helps; the water is pulled in by the thirsty clay, and the underglaze can slide quite a bit before grabbing. For small brushed lines, perhaps an oxide wash?
    Any road, am interested to see what others will offer...
    *network went down, now it's back!
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    EKasse reacted to liambesaw in Painting with underglazes on to bisc ware- how to make them flow better   
    I've always used underglaze on leather hard work because it's so frustrating to apply on bisque and you can't remove mistakes.  I also use a lot of underglaze transfers and they don't really work on bisque.
    That said, what has worked for me is spraying the surface with a spray bottle until the surface takes about one second to absorb the water, at that point you have a pretty good buffer of moisture to help keep the brush from sticking, but not too much where the underglaze runs or spreads.  A pretty fine line, and spraying more sometimes causes it to run afterward.
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    EKasse got a reaction from Chilly in How to reclaim big solid lumps of bone dry clay   
    will do!  but i suspect this will have to wait until next year when the weather warms up a bit :-)
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    EKasse reacted to Hulk in Epsom Salts question   
    Hi E!
    Good question, hadn't thought about any influence magnesium sulfate might have on my glazes...
    My guess is the sulfate part burns away in firing; from there, MgO is tracked in the glaze software I'm using - it's a low expansion oxide, yes? The amount I'm using to gel glazes is very small, my second guess is the magnesium part is not significant.
    It is magic! ...fwiw, I set my specific gravity before adjusting thixotropy (usually with Epsom salt, was using vinegar as well...).
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    EKasse got a reaction from Hulk in Epsom Salts question   
    ahh thanks everyone for your replies.  fab!
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    EKasse reacted to Mark C. in Turquoise Lithium glazes - issue with crawling   
    Dick how about one for cone 10? as well.
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    EKasse reacted to Viking Potter in Clay Cat Litter   
    Most important in this discussion is to avoid at all costs using recycled litter.
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