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  1. will do! but i suspect this will have to wait until next year when the weather warms up a bit :-)
  2. loads of great methods here - thanks so much for taking time to reply! i'll give them a go
  3. Hello! I've got about 4 large solid lumps of bone dry clay, approx. 4 or 5kg in weight each, which I'd like to reclaim. They dried out this summer when I turned my back on them for 5 minutes and hadn't double wrapped them. V annoying. Anyway, does anyone have any hints and tips about how to reclaim them? Do I need to invest in a good sledge hammer? Any suggestions much appreciated! thanks
  4. Thanks Callie - I had watched that video yesterday, hence my question about whether it affects the final outcome of a glaze. Her videos are brilliant. So simple and well explained. A fantastic resources
  5. ahh thanks everyone for your replies. fab!
  6. Hello everyone - epsom salts seems to me to work like magic to me. Got some slip or glaze that's too runny, add some epsom salts and voila it's fixed! Stupid question time - does it affect the final effect of a glaze / slip etc? ie: is it possible that too much epsom salts can effect the final outcome of a glaze? I've not really experimented much with this magical stuff - can it help glazes in other ways? Any help/advice much appreciated thanks!
  7. thanks for this - i'll give it a try! i assume it's cone 6?
  8. sorry bit bonkers busy at my normal job - i'll dig it out
  9. thanks for the replies. i guess i'll just need to keep tinkering with the glaze
  10. Hi there I've tried many different turquoise lithium glazes (from the John Brit cone 6 book) and from various other sources including Glazy. However i have a real problem with crawling/pitting. Test tiles are good but anything larger i'm finding these lithium glazes to be so sensitive and i'm at the point of giving up. Is this a well known issue with lithium glazes? I've tried spraying, dipping and pouring but still have the same issues. I also make sure that the pots are dust free before i glaze them. Would controlled cooling of the glaze firing help? Are there any other
  11. thanks everyone for your recommendations - very much appreciated
  12. Hi everyone - I'm looking to get a new spray gun. There's lots out there to choose from so i'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment. What specifics should I be looking for? Can anyone recommend a specific gun that works well with glazes? I'm in the UK. Many thanks
  13. ooooh that's very helpful! i'll give that a go - thank you
  14. Afternoon everyone I'm looking into experimenting with the following techniques: brushing my glazes onto bisqueware and dipping/spraying 3 or 4 layers of glazes. From my reading and practice i think it might be helpful i think to add something like CMC to the glaze - to help with brushability and to help prevent crawling. However I can't find a UK supplier of the stuff. I also have heard of V Gee Gum - again - can't find it in the UK. Can anyone suggest any alternatives? I've been researching what UK suppliers have (pottercrafts/Scarva/CTM etc) but am now completely confus
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