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  1. @Pres Thank you for your thoughtful response! I can't decide if I'm crazy or a noble warrior for my students haha. This is going to be a lot of work that won't be recognized or rewarded in any way....but If I don't expand the horizon for my students, I'm afraid no one will!! I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.
  2. We have an electric kiln and I am most familiar with firing to cone 6, so I have been figuring everything according to that. I think it will be very much worth looking into low firing options though, for the reasons you mentioned. Thanks for the great tip of using lighter clays for the sake of the student's clothes. They wear uniforms, so keeping them clean is important to admin and parents alike!
  3. @Wolf That's a fantastic idea! Maybe we can start selling current student work to help with the initial course creation. I think admin will dig it. Thanks @BenzineThanks, the forums seems to have a wealth of knowledge. and WOW, you have helped me IMMENSELY! Thanks for taking the time to lay it all out. I figured mixing in plaster/wire/assemblage projects would cheapen the overall costs, but now that you lay it out I can see that stick with clay really is the cheapest way to go. How many classes/students use the ton of clay you buy for the year? And when you say that you buy the clay but others don't, does that mean they buy powders and mix it themselves while you buy mixed glaze in liquid form? @oldlady Another great idea, thank you! I'm in Salt Lake, and we do have lots of potters here. I know what I'll be doing this summer!
  4. Hello all! I'm the only secondary art teacher at my middle school/high school and I've been pushing to expand the art program so student's have access to a variety of art making techniques. I'm trying to convince my admin that we need a 3D Art class (ceramics, sculpture, pottery..) and they want an estimate as to how much it will cost initially and then each year as we renew supplies. I have nooooo idea where to start. We already have a kiln, kiln furniture, and a class set of clay carving tools/sponges. We won't have the space for a full ceramics studio (wheels, glaze room, damp room, pugmill, etc.) but I'd like to teach handbuilding, assemblage, subtractive/addative sculpture in a variety of materials, and mayyybe get one wheel for the occasional pottery assignment. I'm looking for information from someone that's already built their studio up, any books or resources to help, or even suggestions on how to pitch costs to admin in a way that they'll be willing to hand over money to the art dept. Thank you in advance!!
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