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  1. Hi All, I was wondering if there are any recommendations on the proportions of foot ring sizes for a dinner plate set e.g. if you have a large 29cm dinner plate (per Robin Hopper's list), a 20cm side plate, a 25cm bowl etc - what size foot ring on each would be optimum for best stacking on the table and for a well proportioned, nested look when setting the table? Obviously if I stack a 25cm bowl on a 20cm side plate then the foot ring of the bowl should be less than 20 cm to fit nicely on top but I guess I am wondering if there is some mathematical standard that recommends x% reduction in size through the stack to get nice proportions...
  2. Hi Min, sure I understand your concern. I am actually not new here - I've had an account here since 2016 but it is associated with an old email address and I can't recover the password now. In regards to accessing the file without downloading it - unfortunately because it is an Excel file you have to download it to use it. I work in IT (hence the skills to create it in the first place) and I can guarantee it doesn't have malware etc. Below are some screenshots FYI, but they are pretty useless without the code behind it to generate the forms/words. Cheers B.
  3. Thanks LeeU - was it the message shown here? If so, just click the Download button and you'll be able to open it in Microsoft Excel (when you open it in Excel, you may also be prompted to 'enable content' and then 'enable macros' depending on how your Excel is configured). I have a feeling this message relates to Google Drive (where the file is hosted) not allowing previews of large files - it is 5MB Cheers, B.
  4. Hi All, To help push myself in creating things I might not normally, I decided to create myself an 'idea generator' spreadsheet. The first option randomly creates combinations of styles, methods, decorations, handles, rims, and set times limits etc. The second option randomly takes a word from the dictionary and the idea is you have to build a form around that word as an starting idea. Some idea combinations are pretty weird but the whole idea is that it is a starting point. I thought this might also be fun in an education setting for teachers and students. It is an Excel spreadsheet that you can download from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1twtxSjPNlISE71lC00IcgVryFj60umE_ To run the ideas generator you must have macros turned in Excel. Have fun and welcome your feedback on improvements. Cheers, B.
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