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  1. Technology has only (comparatively) recently pushed ceramics into mass production. There's ten thousand years of tradition behind pottery, and the utilitarian aspect of the craft was the mainline; a given. So there is this interesting tension when we, in the age of mass-production, pull this craft into the future with us. Here's what I mean: Our measures of value are mostly based on monetary value (er... at least most of the people around me,) and in that context I think any of could make a pretty good argument that handcrafted pottery cups, mugs, and bowls are not the best economical way to produce those items. If the economics don't make sense, the value is depreciated. And for me, this entirely misses the point. I like the aesthetic, the feel, and the emotional content of my handmade ceramic wares. They are valuable to me, beyond the price I would pay for that simple utility. But, the fact that "it misses the point" is my point. As a species, we've gone from an implicit utilitarian view of ceramics (that easily embraces purely artistic works) to a default idea of ceramic as artistic expression (that easily embraces utilitarian works.) Is it an over-reach to claim that this is a tension that enriches the ceramics we create for today, just as it depreciates our handcrafted cups, mugs, and bowls.
  2. Visual Society... the next big thing!

    1. LeeU
    2. Bitter Sea

      Bitter Sea

      er... I am at a loss to explain this comment.

      At the same time, the two words resonate strongly with me.

      Let me try to unpack it a bit. For me, this points to social networking, virtual reality, visual media, without actually saying any of those things.

      In the context of the part of my brain dedicated to clay/potter/ceramic, this upends the utilitarian, and brings the surface aesthetic to primacy.



      Again, I'm at a loss to really explain it.

    3. JohnnyK


      In other words...Zombie Apocalypse!

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