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  1. No need to apologize I wasn't offended in any way. I do think it is funny though and I am kicking myself. Clearly I can see the difference in workmanship between the first post and that bowl. IT comes down to laziness on my part and I think we have honed in on the problem. Well multiple to be honest. I really appreciate all the feedback and it has helped ground me a bit and again go back to the basics. Looking forward to reading that book.
  2. Not all my feet are that bad. This one came out great and no cracks. But its more definitely a more consistent thickness.
  3. No some are unglazed and others are glazed. The blue mixing bowl was glazed on the inside and out. I thought it might be the white glaze I was using inside but I had the same results with an opal glaze. I never have cracks anywhere except for the bottoms. You can see the bottom is fine from the outside on this one. I think I have picked up a bad habit somewhere along the way. 3 in 5 pots have this issue. The foot is not an even thickness. I don't think I am compressing enough or evenly. My bowls dont crack but I spend a good deal of time making sure they are smooth and rounded.
  4. Thanks all for the suggestions. I agree the thickness is a concern and what I will focus on. Looking at all the pots that have no problems they are an even or almost even thickness. To be honest this wasn't something I previously thought about as being an issue. Such a shame the pots really came out nice except for the crack. I also ordered the book so will read that once it arrives. Its a shame I really like this vase :-(
  5. I think I am following. So perhaps because the thickness of the base is 2X the thickness of the wall and trimmed out bottom it might not be expanding/contracting the same? meaning the bottom is either shrinking quicker than the rest of it causing it to separate and crack?
  6. It looks like they are cracking all the way through. Here is one broken in half
  7. OK so I have to ask the experts. I cant figure out what I am doing wrong here. I think it is the pot and not the glaze since it doesn't happen all the time. I am compressing the bottoms and they don't crack when they are bisque fired to cone 06 but this is what happens after glazing and firing to cone 6. Any ideas? This is happening more than it is not. :-(
  8. Thanks for all the responses. I haven't tried diluting yet so will give that a go in the next couple of days.
  9. OK So I have not been able to narrow down what causes the different results. I have tried thin coats, thick coats, heat drying, drying naturally, opening slowly, opening fast, and combinations of all the above. I also wondered if it might be due to the dry/wetness of the clay, but both of these pieces came from the same bag. What I am after is the little cracks not the big cracks. Any ideas why I am getting different results?
  10. Mike.Kelly

    Mike Kelly

    Still very new to ceramics and these are the first pots I feel are nice enough to share publicly. Still so much to learn :-)
  11. Thanks Neil. The commercial dipping glazes I dip three test tiles for 2, 4, and 8 seconds. I plan to do the same with the glazes I make from the recipes. Then I should be able to adjust the thickness accordingly. Well that's the plan anyway.
  12. This is all great information. Thanks you for the borax tip. I would have been wondering what I did wrong. Thanks again everybody.
  13. Thanks Dick, I plan on making about 1000g for my first dry batch. The below recipe is one I plan to try. Just to make sure I do fully understand how to measure out the correct weight. The 5.26 and 8.00 represent the % of the total weight of the 1000g i need to add for each additive. So Zircopax would be 52.6g and Sky Blue would be 80g correct? https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ceramic-recipes/decorating-slips-engobes-and-terra-sigillatas/engobe-blue/ Zircopax 5.26 Mason Stain #6363 Sky Blue 8.00
  14. So I understand how to measure out the raw ingredients but how do you know how much water to add? Do all glazes have the same specific gravity? I found a couple of articles that talk about 1.75 as a "standard" The recipes I have looked at so far have not mentioned amounts of water or the final specific gravity.
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