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  1. On 5/10/2018 at 10:55 AM, Roberta12 said:

     lovely carving as well! Sorry, but the carving is really stamps applied before the shaping of the bowl or before the throwing of the rim on the plates. The stamp on the bowl of the chalice is a commercial wood one, dipped in water and stamped in the cylinder on the hump before the bowl was formed. Stems for chalice thrown separate off of the hump then assembled on a griffin grip with a home made chuck for plumbing parts.



  2. Confusion is because these have been unloaded part way to look at the pieces, shelves were taken out, and the pots left in for storage until I was able to grind bottoms on my diamond pad on the wheel. I thought it interesting to see them in the kiln. My one car garage is a small shop, and storage space for 50 mugs is pretty tight.

  3. The handles on these mugs have been extruded with a plastic commercial die in a Putty gun type extruder. I have altered the handle shape to make it thicker, and give a better rib form with more rounded area where the fingers will fit. I also am filling/blending gap at the bottom of the handle where joined to the pot.

  4. On 3/30/2018 at 1:04 PM, Min said:

    Very clever honey dipper, nice. Have you ever made them with the end like a traditional wood honey stick with the grooves? 

    I tried that, but found it to be weak. I have also inverted a spout flair for the spoon, but this has been the most approved of by my "Family testers".

  5. Size dimensions are often helpful. It is obvious that you are able to manipulate slabs of clay very well. I am well aware of the drying problems that you must have when working with these varied thicknesses. Again as Frederick says these have wonderful expressiveness!

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