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  1. Video seems to work fine in Sweden... Potteryrocks! may be right... The background music 'Stairway to Heaven' by Stanley Jordan (Blue Note Records) may be the block. On the video... I think it is a good demonstration finishing with a nice functional form. I would tend to agree with you yedrow, as I also would prefer a sense of harmony within the forms in the kitchen.
  2. Yes, Congratulations, spring! I can't answer any of your questions, but would like to add that your 'Lily Pad Double Walled Teapot' (Etsy site) is absolutely beautiful... and I don't think the price on it is unrealistic at all! Best wishes for continued success!
  3. I also like to see those unique fish mugs (like my avatar- pictured in my gallery) and tend to just make them for special friends as gifts, because of the labor intensity. I think it's a wonderful idea to actually invite them over for a 'fish mug' fest of creativity! Great idea, Marc!
  4. Ah, but I think my kiln is bigger than yours. So many smilie faces must be a reference to the enjoyment of all the 'morning wood' to stoke the fires...
  5. I also had the tingling and numbness in my hands (10 years ago) that often bothered me while sleeping as well. Mostly after a good day of work, with clay or hammering (construction). Though the health system is different here in Sweden the human body and its maladies remain the same. When I inquired of the Doctor what my options were he laughed and said they try not to use the 'knife' here when it isn't necessary. He sent me to a physical therapist, who also happened to be a ceramist. She gave me a cloth/velcro wrist splint (similar to what a professional bowler might wear while bowling). She told me to especially wear it at night and try to wear it while working, if possible, for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I was to do five specific and different hand/wrist/whole arm stretching exercises (minimum 15-20 minutes - three times daily but it would be better if I could do them every couple of hours). Also take rest periods more frequently when doing repetitive work utilizing the same hand-arm movements (a good time to do the stretching exercises). The results of my adherence to this regiment after two-three weeks was... no more tingling and numbness and with the continued practice (albeit now and then but only a couple times every day or two for a half hour) I've not had any reoccurance of the tingling and numbness in these past 10 years while I continue to do the same amount of wedging clay and hammering, if not more. My advice would be to save your $ from a surgery fix unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.... see a physical therapist about doing some positive hand/wrist/arm exercises that will help. If this works out in your favor, as in my case, the money saved from surgery and being out of commission for weeks while recuperating, should more than adequately pay for your new pug mill, a gift to yourself... The average lifetime cost of carpal tunnel syndrome, including medical bills and lost time from work, is estimated to be about $30,000 for each injured worker. An added note regarding the two different medical systems.... since our system in Sweden is part our national health care, the government foots the majority of the bill (from taxes) so it obviously is going to look for the cheapest (for government efficiency) means of remedy. My thinking is that if the medical industry here (as the doctor stated) doesn't believe the fix should be with the scalpel but can be alleviated with a change of 'lifestyle' and exercise (more holistically sensible) then why choose the more expensive surgery elective (which doesn't always remedy the ailment) without attempting the alternative first? Either way... clay lover ... as I and I'm sure others on this site have been faced with the CTS problem, I wish you the best on a quick recovery!
  6. Judging from some of the 'full wall size high definition' (at least 10x bigger than my laptop monitor) pics that some post, I'm led to believe otherwise....
  7. First thing that comes to my mind..... I like this setup more than anything that Weber® offers... hands down! Rick, I think you make a good analogy. It does seem to have all the things needed for a great cooking stove. I remember a number of years ago many people were busy buying those outdoor fire pits for the backyard. I forget the name of this store. A chimonea or something like that. It seemed like every backyard had one. I can't imagine the weight in hauling one of these home for a contained fire but many people did. To me, this is one great set-up done for cooking in a time past. I wonder if it was actually used for the purpose it appears to be intended for or if it was similar to this backyard fire chimonea that everyone purchased a while back. Interesting piece. Nelly I remember years back when those chimonea seemed to be the 'pet rock' item of the backyard.... and I laugh again as it now seems that little quirk has now made its way to Sweden as I'm beginning to see them more frequently around and in stores. My only hope is that that grill contraption was indeed used for the intended purpose as it seems so diverse in its cooking range and ability to do so much at once, full meal (4 course) cooking . More so than that chimonea which never seemed to be much more than an open fireplace on the deck.... for those that still had room on the deck after setting up their hot tub / jacuzzi.
  8. First thing that comes to my mind..... I like this setup more than anything that Weber® offers... hands down!
  9. I personally have never had that particular problem. However, I have had a continuing problem, and only occurring with this particular website. It would happen while viewing Gallery postings. Every time I would click on a Gallery picture to open the link, Safari would immediately open another TAB displaying the previous last non-CERAMIC ARTS COMMUNITY website I had viewed, every time, regardless of how many GALLERY pictures I viewed, picture after picture. But it only ever happened while I was on this particular website. That was on my MacBook using OS X-10.6 (Snow Leopard). Last week I finally upgraded to the almost year old OS X -10.7 (Lion) and have noticed that previous problem doesn't occur anymore. Which operating system are you using Mark & Marcia? Maybe, as was in my situation, there is a code conflict within this website and with certain OS X software.... not being a code geek/guru, don't know... just a rambling thought.
  10. eliiii... I checked out the photos on your posted blogspot... and concur with all the others. Your work is STUNNING! Thanks for posting and sharing them, best of luck in the future.
  11. Wow! Interesting technique, that, Matt. Thanks for that link... I would have never suspected Arabia (Finland) rediscovered the technique. Guess the word 'rice' can be misleading.
  12. Beautiful crackle glaze, John. The glaze color and earthy contrast of the transition of the edge where the glaze is thin and breaking over reminds me of a slab of chalcedony that I had had for many years. Stunning! - rick
  13. Good Point, Marcia! I recall years ago, when I bought my first SKUTT I had shopped around utilizing the pricing of numerous ceramic suppliers across the U.S. What I found out was, regardless of where I purchased my SKUTT, most suppliers would have it sent to me direct from the manufacturer in Portland, ORegon. As I was living in Oregon, I actually thought it would be cheaper to purchase it locally, but was wrong. I ended up saving about $600 by buying it through a retailer in Ohio. The transportation charge was the same from all the retailers, from Portland to my home. The savings was apparently deducted from their markups on the resale.
  14. Don't they call those little earthenware pots....'ceramic thimbles'....
  15. Mark C., Your suggestion to Margaret in calling SKUTT about the voltage issue is the best given, and is the advice that I would personally follow. They are extremely helpful people! I just recently purchased a SKUTT 1027 240v 3-phase, which will supposedly get to cone 10(their product sheet) and though I've only yet fired to cone 9.... I love it! Good luck Margaret!
  16. I've also had good results with both Bentonite and Epsom Salts, as well. Epsom Salts is actually Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4·7H2O -heptahydrate epsomite) not Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3) which is nearly insoluble in water.
  17. WOW, Stephen, wish you'd been among my list of instructors decades back.! All you said speaks to me with the manner in which I found my educational process so rewarding and enriching. With that attitude, I wish many more successful years in your teaching career.... not directly for you (as I feel you will maintain the enjoyment) but more so for the myriad of students yet to be influenced.
  18. As I've been making my own non-standard sized tiles, I haven't found any tile holders that would work. So what I did was to make a special extrusion die and extrude a hollow triangular shape (which I also use for glaze test tiles) and cut them at different lengths. They are loaded with the bisque tiles as I burn those and then later when I load the glazed tiles I use them on the sides to offer me a range of heights between the shelves, which are supported on the longer shelf posts. The tiles are balanced on top of these posts along with using most of my otherwise unused kiln posts. This allows me to use some of the vertical space (without the mass of shelves) for packing in more tiles per firing.
  19. I agree with Christine, I wonderfully simple and creative manner of division in its concept and execution. I may give this a try myself.
  20. Ha Ha.... I like that! kind of like the Prado printing up more prints from Goya's plates whenever their budget gets tight. Not saying they've ever done that... ---Rick
  21. I only cheated to check my answer..... really I did! But it totally surprised me when I did.... I had no idea it was done by THAT artist. ----Rick
  22. WOW! Lucille that was a great choice! I was actually clueless, but felt secure in my choice that it was possibly done by the hands of Matisse! Though I know I was wrong now, at least I was verrrry close if you count friendships.... ha ha Ooops! That's not a clue! ------Rick
  23. Ha Ha Ha... I was analyzing them again thinking that you had a new quiz, as the pitcher doesn't have the tell-tell characteristics that seemed to tip me off the first time..... Then I thought the platter was the same as last time and that you changed them to confuse or stump me further. Then I just wondered if in fact this was somehow a warped morphing of my memory and in actuality Alzheimer's was beginning to make an appearance into my life. What a relief! er.... uh.... so is this the same artist? ----Rick
  24. I would agree with that as well. Fortunately we don't have much in the way of those vastly educated/experienced individuals still hanging around after their fun has ended! Though I have heard them in the real world, what a drag! At 60 and educated/experienced, I'm still finding so much more I wish to learn and experience with the passing days. Creativity is synonymous with humanity, in my opinion, and burns hot in me. I personally feel I've learned more in the past 10 years than the previous 20, even speaking a new language. An additional element to vie with my limited time, I'll begin sustainable beekeeping this summer, having just built a large hive last week. Once I make space for a cow, my life will be 'milk & honey'... and well ... more art. ----Rick
  25. Thanks for posting that, Chris .... I've a few (10 kilo) blocks of terra-cotta that dried a bit during this last cold winter in the studio.... and your clarifying prefaced description of 'lazy way to rehydrate...' more than amply applies to my desire to spend time dealing with it. -----Rick
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