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  1. Hello and Thanks Janet/George for your posting on my site. Yes, I am back to work once again... but I must say five broken ribs can certainly take the wind out of ones sails. From your posting, I realized I needed to update my page as I've been up and running for 6 months, though not hardly near 100% until the last two. I checked out your URL and enjoyed seeing your work. Continued success ...

  2. Ceramic artists for fifty years.

  3. Sorry about your accident. When physical health affects your working, it's a bummer. Hope you are back at it by now. We're "TriPal Arts" in USA, Arizona.

  4. TriPal Arts

    TriPal Arts

    Fifty years of ceramics.
  5. Built with hundreds of small "petals" the piece measures 23" high by 20" wide and fired to cone 9 oxidation. A clear gloss glaze covers inside and out.
  6. This work is 22 1/2 inches high by 12 inches wide.
  7. Fired to c/9 oxidation, composed of flat "petals" pressed together winding around and up. Stamped design pressed while leather hard; white gloss on inside, rubbed iron glaze on exterior.
  8. A joint work by Janet TRIsler and George PALovich. 28" high by 14" diameter. Fired c/5 oxidation.
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