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  1. Beautiful crackle glaze, John. The glaze color and earthy contrast of the transition of the edge where the glaze is thin and breaking over reminds me of a slab of chalcedony that I had had for many years. Stunning! - rick
  2. It sounds like what started out as a possible ensuing tornado-like nightmare (circumstances with the Artista wheel), actually has turned into a wonderful 'yellow-brick road'. Now starts a great adventure with your progress down that road, with a myriad of wonderful discoveries to be made, muted with the occasional 'flying monkey' encountered. Congratulations and good success! --Rick
  3. WOW! Stunning glaze! I really love this style of glazing and the colors that you're using on this style of your glazing. That's an area I aspire to work toward in the coming years.
  4. WOW! I really love the tactile beauty and form of this piece! Nice job!
  5. I had carpal trouble about 15 years ago, and after reading several letters in Ceramics monthly, and in other journals, started taking B-6. It seemed to relieve the problem so I kept it up, and still have had no problems. A few years back a major study was run that debunked the use of B-6, so evidently it doesn't work, but I haven't stopped taking it. There have been several folks with the CT surgery in my area, and there has been mixed results. I have also known of one case with the surgery where some bones were removed, and the persons recovery took a long time. My son had to have wrist fused
  6. .... Life is wonderful....!

  7. Hello and Thanks Janet/George for your posting on my site. Yes, I am back to work once again... but I must say five broken ribs can certainly take the wind out of ones sails. From your posting, I realized I needed to update my page as I've been up and running for 6 months, though not hardly near 100% until the last two. I checked out your URL and enjoyed seeing your work. Continued success ...

  8. Sorry about your accident. When physical health affects your working, it's a bummer. Hope you are back at it by now. We're "TriPal Arts" in USA, Arizona.

  9. Hi Ameri,

    I m Sandhya from India. i m a beginner and like Ciramic sculpture very much. Could you please tell me what is the basic mixture of ciramic ? ie Ciramic +?+?,.... can u explain me few recepies?

  10. Hi, just saw you online and thought I'd say hi. I am seeking advice on basic pottery to teach my middle-schoolers. I want to teach them the absolute basic stuff and want to try experimenting with makeshift kilns (the most interesting thus far is a BBQ grill kiln).

    If you have some time, I was hoping to get some advice. Any help would be appreciated. In fact, I'm willing...

  11. Wheel Thrown and altered stoneware with engobe, tenmoku and transparent overglazes. 11cm x 11cm x 9cm

    © ©RD Laurance

  12. Wheel thrown and carved Stoneware - 'elephant skin' glaze on exterior approx. 24 cm. tall

    © ©RD Laurance

  13. Whistling pitch is made by blowing into the nose. Two finger holes located on the back of the head. Size is approximately 4.5 x 5.0 x 5.0 (cm).
  14. Unglazed stoneware with engobe. A three note whistle with hanging cord.

    © ©RD Laurance

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