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  1. Hello, I'm looking to create a white / off-white / cream clay body with a super fine black speckle. My aim is to glaze the interior of my wares with a transparent glaze and leave the outside unglazed. I'm told ilmenite or iron spangles might do the trick (?), but have no idea how to add these elements effectively to the clay to create some tests. Any help massively appreciated. Thank you, Richard

    1. Denice


      I would just roll a thin layer of clay out and sprinkle the ilmenite or iron spankles on the surface and wedge in.  Keep track by weight,   use some watery iron oxide to paint the info on the back of your test tile.  Ilimenite  will give you really fine specks,  you can also add it to glaze.   I have used a clay that Laguna makes that has fine black specks in it.  They call if buff but it looks off white to me.   Denice

    2. richardmutimer


      Thanks Denice. I have used an ilmenite powder with a tee white clay, which I wedged in but it simply turned my clay brown after firing to 1250... Not sure what I'm doing wrong?

      Also, yes I've seen the laguna clay but think it's only available in the States? 

      Thanks so much for your help.

    3. Denice


      There is two types of ilmenite powder one is granulated.   You might dig around and see it you can find it.  I don't know if calcifying yourself is the same a granulated ilmenite.    Maybe someone else on the forum can answer that for you.   Denice

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