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  1. Hello neilestrick, can I ask your advice please? I have an L&L kiln that has done just over 50 firings. However I've already replaced all 4 elements. Now the supplier suggested that my relays may be failing. Is this to be expected after so few bisque and cone 6 firings? Thanks
  2. This is fired to cone 6 only. It's parian porcelain.
  3. From the album: My work 2017 (Year 1)

    I love the randomness of the colour splashes in these pieces.
  4. From the album: My work 2017 (Year 1)

    I have carved some floral designs onto some of my parian vases. I think they would make lovely candle holders or lamp shades. New direction possible.
  5. chezzi64

    Parian Vase

    From the album: My work 2017 (Year 1)

    This is a vase I made out of Parian Porcelain.It is slip-cast then carefully finished. It is fired to 1200 C with a 45 minute soak, this vitrifies the clay body so that no glaze is needed. I then polish the vessel, resulting in a beautifully smooth, translucent vase.

    © Christine Cherry Ceramics

  6. chezzi64

    IMG 5898

    Love your glazes.
  7. From the album: My work 2017 (Year 1)

    This is one of my parian tea light holders. I use my own parian slip, created from a recipe that I refined over 30 years ago.
  8. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I have done more searching and like 'glazeners' says, its a frit. I have somewhere to start now.
  9. Hi Sarah Jayne, I am a newbie too. I have just left teaching after 25 years to set up my own little ceramics studio. I just wanted to wish you well on your new venture.
  10. Hi there people. I'm a newbie to forums so please forgive me if I do anything wrong. I am looking to make a parian slip that I used to make over 30 years ago. I have my old recipe but cannot find one of the ingredients anywhere online. it is 'Soda Glass'. Does anyone know either, where I could buy this ingredient please? or if it is no longer in use could anyone suggest an alternative that I could try. thanks.
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