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  1. Emma, porcelain clay is normally drier and because it has a larger particle size it is not so sticky ( plastic) My studio table is covered with Masonite( kitchen counter top) Unless your porcelain is very soft, it is better to use non absorbing surfaces ( including when you roll clay out) while you work with it, because it will stay workable for longer. That being said, there is good advice on rolling pins. If you roll your clay between two layers of paper or plastic, even fabric; interfacing ( the very thick one available from fabric stores used to stiffen up cuffs and collars) will prevent texture. I use slabmat from slabmat.com. If you are just starting out with slabs, I will suggest you use a piece of interfacing. Remember to always peel the paper, plastic or fabric away from the clay and not the other way round.
  2. If it is porcelain clay, you can give your silicone rolling pin a try.
  3. Where do I introduce myself on this forum?

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    2. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Hi Antoinette and again: welcome! You could write about your e-course in the topic: "Clay Events" (last one on the page to the left). See you around. Glad to have you here! My regards to Koos.

    3. ChenowethArts


      Welcome Antoinette!...looks like you are already making introductions :)

      From you name (upper rh corner pulldown) -->My Settings -->General Account Settings --> See the "Profile Information" header (mid-page); next to that is a link-button "Edit About Me Page" You can put as little or as much as you like there.

    4. porcelainbyAntoinette


      Thank you everyone. I kind of just dropped in! Need a good bit of time to review all the information that I see on this forum.Look like a generous bunch of you here. Hope I'll be able to bring my part....

  4. Wheel thrown and press molded Southern Ice porcelain. Electric fired to ^10
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