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  1. So is there a realistic weight of clay to pull certain height cylinders and does it depend on the skill more than the clay? I swear some clays are so difficult to pull up and others want to reach for the sky.

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    2. GiselleNo5


      I haven't done the cylinders. But I know I used to make a 6 oz. mug with one pound of clay and now I make a 10-12 oz mug with one pound of clay! LOL And yes it does depend which kind of clay I'm using.

    3. SydneyGee


      Lol @min and @diesel. I have seen that, and in 3 pulls? No. But I did get 9" after 5 pulls :D Which is...not even close. I have been setting myself to do 6" tall cylinders with 1.5lb~ of clay and 3.5" wide for a solid 10-12oz mug. I actually trim a lot off before the form is finished (removing the uneven lip and trimming near the foot). It was a rocky (lol) start but eventually I kind of made a realization with how the clay was reacting in my hands and what to do next. My forms ar...

    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      We call it legs-some clay has more than others.

      For me a 1# ball of porcelain is a 12-14 once mug-skill does come in there as we'll as legs

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