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  1. Spent the last few days writing a clay chemistry specific  "glossary of terms." If someone would be kind enough to stop by an uncross my eyes, much appreciated.

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    2. glazenerd


      Alice: for the record: the post you made about information over load was not "silly" as you described it above. I have certainly made many information dumps along the way. I enjoy the chemistry as much as you enjoy making floral platters. So remembering the level of experience is not misplaced. Perhaps in the future some notation, some structured way so everyone can respond. 

    3. oldlady


      sorry, we speak english differently.   btw, i would use the word "stretched" in the definition of extensibility.  using the same word in a definition does nothing to enlighten the reader.     

      i was only referring to the modern trend of using verbs as nouns and other "silly" modern usage and used "inform" as an example.

    4. glazenerd


      Not that I disagree with the change in definition, but then possible confusion sets in when explaining the "stretched membrane" theory of plasticity. 

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