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    I began my journey in clay in 1970 and have never regretted getting my clothes dirty ever, in addition to ceramic art i enjoy prospecting in the mountains, collecting jade and fishing on my boat.

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  1. Was in S F at the Asian art museum on other business with the museum store and the store director invited me into their first annual sale for local artists at the museum. I thanked her and declined, very nice to get the offer for one of the spots, but it seems like a lot of trouble dragging a bunch of big fragile ceramics around the city to and from the car only to lug most if not all home and paying a huge commission in the process. Probably a mistake passing, but it just doesn't feel like a good fit for me at the moment. Might be something someone else local might want to investigate, there may be an opening for the sale and the director is planning to make this sale annually.

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    2. 1515art


      Hi LeeU and thanks,  truth is I really hate selling at shows and the whole pricing my work thing.  We may do some ongoing business with the museum store and if that happens I think I could do it later if I changed my mind and if not I don't really care... 

    3. yappystudent


      Here's to hoping this puts you in the sphere of  'hard to get' artists.  But anyway all you can do is follow your instincts, your explanation for why you passed it up makes perfect sense. It's obvious from the quality of your work there will be more opportunities down the road that will  fit you better. Your work is great, it's easy to see why they want it on display. 

    4. 1515art


      Yappy, thanks for the very kind words of encouragement, I guess all any of us can do is enjoy the process and see where it takes us and hard to think too far ahead...but, sure would be nice to be "hard to get."

      good luck to you as well, clark

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