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  1. From the album: Tiles

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    From the album: Tiles

  3. From the album: Tiles

  4. No explosions! You might have to test color depth a bit. I add less frit than oxide, although others add equal parts. Have fun.
  5. The general answer is Yes. But I advise you to add a flux, maybe Frit 3124, 3110 to help . As to how much/thin to apply there are some questions: Which iron oxide are you using? What color clay are you using? What cone do you expect to fire? Higher temp will burn more of it out.
  6. I have been trying the vinegar since this was posted and I do think it is helping.
  7. What a beautiful vessel.
  8. Thank you. sorry I did not know of your comment before today. I think they look like happy little hobbits!
  9. I have found trader joe' s lavender oil is helping. I agree that something should be put on and rubbed in well before working
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