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  1. Packing up for Cherokee Triangle art fair! First big show of the season, and first big show with the new work. Super nervous!

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    2. neilestrick
    3. Min


      Your work is beautiful, I know you'll sell a lot! Are you going all in and only taking new work?

    4. DirtRoads


      Good luck!  Will be waiting to hear of your success.


  2. Give me a call regarding the L&L. I had a customer with a similar problem last year. Phone number at www.neilestrickgallery.com

  3. My pleasure! Happy wedging!

  4. is still behind schedule....

    1. phill


      Hey Neil,


      I met you at the Uptown Art fair this past weekend. My name is Phill and I came by with my baby boy Pax. Good meeting you in person!

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