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  1. I love spectrum texture kiwi fruit glaze and wonder if there is a recipe out there that minics it?
  2. okay.. it has been so long since I have been here complaining about ketchup red not being red that I am not sure that this post will go out there somewhere BUT I need to tell someone that I just emptied my kiln with a whole load of ketchup red with glossy black over and black with ketchup red over. In my 20 years, I have never been so pleased with a glaze. Comes out almost black but with variation on raised areas. It doesn't leave my fnger prints, drips, messes, etc., just a beautiful shiney glaze. I just microwaved a piece and it didn't explode... sometimes life is just good!
  3. AND doing some hand building and needed the slab to harden a little and put it on some canvas on the floor and it dried just like that... this is a whole new wonderful space that I never thought about before!

  4. My pleasure! Happy wedging!

  5. I just wedged my clay. I dumped the water off my reclaim, spread it on a big cloth and put it on my basement floor. Moved it a couple of times and it was perfect for wedging today and I want to thank you. It peeled off the material like magic. Thank you, thank you.

  6. Thanks, Just watched utube Simon showing how he does it... just thought there might be an easier, quicker, less messy, better, etc. way to do it. Never thought of the cement floor idea, very good!
  7. What is the best, easiest way to reclaim dried clay from pots that weren't fired without using a pugmill?
  8. I used the ketchup red glaze from "Techniques &tips for Electric Kilns" and it came out brown. Is there a red glaze out there that really comes out red at cone 6? BUT the Glossy Black over the Blue Matt is beautiful. Thank you for that!
  9. If I lay a vase flat on it's side in a ^05 electric bisque fire, do I risk distorting the pot... cheap as I am trying to fit everything in??
  10. Thanks Gordonpots... I'll try everything you've suggested and see if it helps. Thanks, again for your suggestions.
  11. Okay... The Floating Blue is the Chappell recipe from Ceramic Arts Daily "10 best" Cone ^6 oxidation. GB 26% Cobalt 1% Neph Sye 48% Lt. Rutile 4% EPK 6% RIO 2% Flint 20% full kiln 2hrs- low, 3 hrs- med, about 9 hrs. high, cone ^6 shuts kiln off I added 10% more flint last time, still ran and in no mater what area of kiln. If I dip once, it's brown, dip 1st for count of 5, dip second count of three. All articles about this glaze say it's tricky but it so much like gas fired that I don't want to stop using it. Thanks for any help!
  12. I love cone 6 Floating Blue Glaze, (Blue Hare's Fur), but it runs off my pots and makes a mess of the shelves. My pots are beautiful but my shelves take a lot of grinding to clean off. Any solutions??? besides not using it!
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