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  1. You should have went into XRF :D - go over to Saint Louis University & ask people in their Earth Sciences Dept. 

     As far as I know,  crack formation  - as you cool the melt, is rate dependent.  Here's two extremes with the same material:

    Thick silica layers of Obsidian cool slowly  - not too many cracks. (deposited in volcanic layers)

    Thin silica - Pele's Hair cools fast but it is thin (spewed out from the tail end of volcanic bombs!)

    My 2 cents (prob. all its worth!)



  2. yes we did! tired though- its a 2-3 hr drive so no more pictures till tomorrow. Btw- this is the crazy clay of recycled H-550 with two cups of custer & two cups of Grolleg but I don't have a measurement on the volume of H-550 that was in the 5 gal bucket- maybe 3/4 full?

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