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  1. It's a bit chilly here this week and my wheel is in a shed that is outdoors with a gas heater. -27C so maybe I should think of something else to do.

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    2. terrim8


      Hurray for -27!!!!

    3. Min


      We were gloating on the coast, cherry blossoms were starting to come out a couple weeks ago, our witch hazel has been blooming for 2 months, crocuses budding through the grass and now slap we are at -8C overnight and warming up to 0C during the day today. Serves us right but we'll still beat you to spring! :P (yeah I know we are wimps in the cold!) What's worse ticks or -27?

    4. terrim8


      definitely ticks.  (& other creepy crawlies)

      At least its sunny now - arctic high. It just has to be a few weeks of this (I think) to clean up the bad critters. We were making fun of Toronto a week ago too. They had on ski-goggles walking around TO :) and we were basking in chinooks. Seems to be a thing right across the country- making fun of the poor ________ with the cold weather....like Winterpeg. 

      Could be worse : Kugluktuk - its like this all winter plus its dark :(

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