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  1. I guess all my molds that I have been using for years don't work. Perk, have you ever considered there is not only one way to do something?? I've been making pottery and using molds for a long long time I would not mislead someone. edited by Pres
  2. Grease up the bowl or cup you want to use with wd-40 or Armour All (my favorite.) Mix the amount of plaster needed and for the mug or bowl to the top. Make sure you use bowls and cups do not have inner curves or the mold won't come out. I make molds out of all sorts of found objects. There are lots of good trays and bowls at Target or places like that. Have some fun! Beth
  3. Check the wiring in that kiln. One loose wire and it takes forever.. CR
  4. We are moving into a much better house than we originally thought. It has a two car garage with my name on it for a studio!!!!

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    2. Rebekah Krieger

      Rebekah Krieger

      that is probably the best news a potter can ever get!! how amazing for you.


    3. Denice


      I started in a corner of a garage. Since then I have had a small out building studio and one in a basement. I'm back in the garage again but it's a separate room in a large garage. It has all the bells and whistles.

    4. GiselleNo5


      I started in a corner of my living room ... :D

  5. I was a performance major on flute in college. It was very traumatic, it flayed my youthful psyche, bleck!! However classical music with pure lovely pitch centers me better than anything. If I am having a hard time I put on some Canadian Brass because they are the best. Perfect lovely pitch. If you love something a whole lot for heaven's sake DO NOT MAJOR in it. I discovered pottery when I was home ALL the time after having my first born and my hub insisted I do something to get out of the house. Pottery clicked and no one got to judge me. CR
  6. Thanks for the slate suggestion, Old Lady!!! That is a great idea. It would be super easy to clean too. Slate should only be heavy once! When it is first placed, that is. Learn something new every day. CR
  7. Brad dear, If you have a 6 year old and a four year old, maybe you should spend some time with them and your wife and enjoy being a dad for a while. You can be a potter later but your kids will never be who they are again. They grow up very quickly. When they leave for college it will break your heart. That is the point where you can immerse yourself in pottery. Keep taking classes but don't get too carried away... Been there, Done that, Have the Tshirt. CR
  8. When I lived in Oregon, I would take out the garbage barefooted, at night. I used to get those nasty slugs squished under my feet and between my toes... ooooey goooey! However, I like the yellow one. He speaks to me, says, "don't go barefoot in the dark." CR
  9. HahahahahahahA I am not sure why but this totally cracked me up!
  10. Or a jack hammer, or a sledge hammer. A rock hammer? Don't make it harder than it is.
  11. My hub and I just bought a house.I have a miserable, humid, moldy, garage to work in right now. The garage in our new house is lovely but small. My kilns will be outside under a shed. We bought the least expensive house that we could find where we wanted to live. I want windows and light. I do not like working underground, WHHAAAAAAA I am a baby. It is not so much size that matters but comfort. To have what you need like light and windows can make all the difference. Having burd feeders outside the windows will be nice. My hub is a tv guy. He is on the road right now shooting a series call "American Masters." The show is about people who are really good at their craft. He comes back with AWESOME studio ideas. Ahhhh things will get better. More to come. Chris, have you ever seen Alan Bennet's fish? He is a really nutty guy and is at Cedar Grove Gallery fairly often which is just north of you on I 85. He is amazing. He can be holding a chunk of clay and all of a sudden he is holding a fish. Short pieces of skinny rebar work pretty well to hold fish up. I use broken saber blades or blades from any of the three fencing weapons. Beth
  12. I completely give you permission!!! One day when you are old like I am, you will be really happy you did. About being old, you are only as old as you feel. My 26 year old daughter says I am 17.... CR
  13. The best garage/studio I ever had, had a covered back porch. No screens just a roof. I kept my kiln there and it was really nice. Can you build a shed outside to cover your kiln? We are going to be moving soon and I plan on building a shed for my kilns right out the back door of the garage. Cannot wait to be back in my own home again. CR
  14. I know mine either. The problem was changing from cone 10 reduction to cone 6 oxidation. We moved from Oregon to North Carolina and my gas kiln rattled to death on the trip. It is hard to get gas in NC and we have been living in a rental for five years. I am not dead yet and refuse to give up!! B (aka Maddmudder, aka Bethbw13 Had some serious puter problems)
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