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  1. Iron chromemate is poisonous and soluble so you must use rubber gloves and a mask when using it which is a good idea when using most ingredients in the pot shop. I think in a stable glaze it is safe.
  2. Iron chromemate sometimes can produce semi transparent gray but it is fairly toxic.
  3. This might work, EPK –--------------------- 5 Dolomite –---------------- 9 Gerstley Borate –-------- 27 Flint –-------------------- 27 Nephelene Syenite –---- 32
  4. I can assume you are using this as a decorative effect and not as an eating surface. I would not call that a true glaze. I have a glaze I use that you could play around with. It is a metallic black but if you experiment with changing the manganese and cooper content it might work. Metallic Black Matte ^6 Dolomite –---------------- 6 Zinc Oxide –-------------- 9 Whiting ------------------- 9 EPK –---------------------- 11 Strontium Carbonate ---- 20 G200 Feldspar ----------- 45 Copper Carbonate –------ 4% Manganese Carbonate --- 8%
  5. From the album: Micaceous Pots

    micaceous clay
  6. From the album: Micaceous Pots

    micaceous clay
  7. From the album: Micaceous Pots

    micaceous clay
  8. Soy wax sounds good. If you see to burn candles in the home than I see no problem in the studio. I don't like the wax resist stuff and I believe the fumes may be worse than candle wax in the firing. Temperature is key to good adherence. Hot, but don't let it burn. It works best on bisque ware. I mostly use a large rectangle of one inch foam that I soak in water first than squeeze out a bit and lie down on a table. Then, after I dip each pot, I slide it across the foam and that usually takes care of it. I mainly glaze green ware.
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