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  1. @oldlady, if you go to the "Activity" tab, all the activity on the forum is chronologically organised. Also, when you go to "Activity" -> "Unread content", there are options to choose from. After customising the stream, you can save it to go back to it quite easily. For example I saved one that shows me only what happened since my last visit (by default it shows everything since a year ago I believe). The "Activity" tab though allows you to see comments and posts as well as pictures uploaded in the gallery. Hope this helps
  2. Wow, this bowl is so beautiful! What is the colour of your clay? It looks red but then is definitely gray, is is the glaze?
  3. @GEP The "Someone comments on something I follow" can't be turned off for me, resulting in way too many emails Thank you @JBaymore for your answer, I am reassured to see I am not the only one, I hope eventually this can be fixed. Thank you everyone else for your input, changing the notification centre settings was the first thing I did after the forum was updated . I have rebooted my computer as well and cleared the cookies.
  4. While I agree with John and how important it is to just go to the studio and make, I think it is also important to take a break sometimes to get fresh ideas. For me, it means going to exhibitions for example, or reading crafts magazine. For me it's important to have both
  5. I have a question about notifications: Since the forum has been updated, I started receiving emails every time someone comments a post I am following. Which results in quite a number of email everyday... So I went to the notification settings, disabled all the emails but there is one that I can't because "the administrator prevented users from toggling" or something like that... How can I change the setting? I really don't want to receive emails...
  6. A studio I used to make stuff at had issues with batches of B-mix as well so I eventually gave up and switched to a different clay. Like Tyler Miller said, I would contact them, hopefully your next batch will be back to normal
  7. I guess it depends how many hours a day you're going to spend in your studio. I find that having a combination of making / trimming every time allows me to have a good flow. I like to keep the sanding / glazing for a different time though since the studio needs to be clean and it's not worth it taking everything out for just a couple of pieces Mark, your schedule looks great
  8. I really like the new forum! The stream of "unread content" is great, I love that we can also see what people uploaded in the gallery there. I always forgot to check the gallery before and never managed to use it properly, so it's great that it has become so easy to see. I also like the new design
  9. I worked for a little while at a Paint your own ceramics studio. And seeing how our customers were amazed and in awe to see the dramatic change in colours when picking their pieces up always made my heart sing. I found it beautiful that they could have a glimpse at what decorating ceramics was without the tough training the is necessary to actually make a piece from scratch I thought that maybe some of the kids who went there would fall in love and become potters in the future, who knows... ^^
  10. Very interesting questions this week and very interesting answers so far. While I understand that some people would cringe at "poorly" made ceramics, I think that my own work is far from perfect and will probably never be since we never stop learning so I don't think I am in a position where I can make such a judgement. We all need to be beginners at some point and I admire people who try and put themselves out there. There are heavily decorated styles that I am not particularly fond of. The Southern french (Provencal) style painted yellow with patterns of olives is too much for me. The very pictural Arita-yaki ware is also not my cup of tea but I still admire the dexterity of the craftsmen who made it. I think it's like art. There are things I don't relate to but that doesn't give me permission to be judgmental towards it, and there are probably other people who feel a strong connection to it so...
  11. Finally took the time to take photos of my new pieces and upload them on my website. Yay for productive mornings!

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      which were the new pics? I like your cover photo pieces and the spoon design.

    2. Joseph Fireborn
    3. Judith B

      Judith B

      Thank you Marcia! There are 4 new photos at the top of the Ceramics gallery on my website.

      Joseph, here it is judith-b.com :)

  12. This is so true! So many times I felt quite disappointed with a piece, and then came to like it quite a bit seeing it everyday on my table. I guess it's a good reminder to keep an open mind ^^
  13. Wow they look great! The one in the centre has a quite big mouth but the proportions on the smallest and biggest one are really nice!
  14. I think I've seen Eric Landon on Instagram talk about glaze testing, it looks like he's mixing them himself, maybe you can contact him directly?
  15. Adam Buick makes Moon Jar as the basic form for his art project. He uses a combination of throwing / coil building but throws everything in one go. You can see him make one in the Moon Jar video on his website: http://www.adambuick.com/film/ Moon jars look quite challenging, keep up posted on your progress
  16. Just out of curiosity, do you use a mirror to throw now, so that you can see the shape you're making?
  17. Well I guess I should get the book because I have no clue what the answers are ^^ 1 - 2 2 - 4 3 - 2 4 - 4
  18. Not being a professional potter yet, I haven't had encountered that many people who were judgmental or condescending. My work isn't out there enough yet for this. My first teacher (I was an intern with her) taught me a lot about keeping a space clean, tidying up at the end of everyday. At first I was wondering what was the point of putting everything away since you'd need the next day. But this has stayed with me and now I really like this routine of cleaning and keeping the space visually uncluttered. I thought she was a little perfectionist about that but this had a huge influence on me. Edit: also reading on this forum some years ago about people smashing their failed pots gave me courage to be more selective before the firing, which I think really improved que quality of my work. (thank you all!) Bad advice, I can't recall any, there are things to learn from any kind of advice. People's preconceived ideas and judgments are something else but I tend to have a very short memory for that kind of things ^^
  19. Hello Karenin, I don't know anything about San Miguel but a quick google research brought up this other place: http://www.classesunlimited.com/artscrafts.htm#11 It looks like there are many galleries and studios, I suggest you contact them to ask for information, I'm sure they know where you could go
  20. Wow I have no idea, my knowledge about materials is really insufficient but I'll try 1. 3 (the first teacher I had used a siphon feed spear gun, and the second one a gravity feed spray gun which both worked really well so I'm not sure...) 2. 3 3. 1 4. 1 Looking forward to seeing the answers
  21. Pretta, I agree, magazines are a great source for contemporary ceramics, I read the CRAFTS magazine occasionally and it is a huge source of inspiration. Ayumi Horie is amazing, I too love her political stance. Thank you for sharing so many names, will check those out
  22. 1 - 4 2 - 3 (is this also what we call rice grain porcelain? I've seen this technique with coloured translucent glazes, it was absolutely beautiful!) 3 - 2 4 - 2
  23. Jun Kaneko's work is beautiful; thank you for sharing! A while ago I remember stumbling across Bente Skjottgaard's work and was very impressed by her use of the glazes on this very organic shapes. Adam Buick's was also very interesting: he doesn't fire his pots but let them disintegrate under the rain in the nature which I found highly poetic
  24. Yes, contemporary artists whose work you admire or that you think is thought-provoking
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