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  1. Well all of you are not super positive about it, that's really too bad. I was really hoping it would be a great experience. And by the way, I'm looking for something in Vancouver. I'm currently living in Victoria, BC, but will be moving soon. Thank you all for your answers.
  2. Well I hope I will be able to find someone. I've been throwing for two years so I might not be able to throw perfectly but there are other tasks I could probably do. I found it interesting to share a workplace with someone who's already established but I know it's a tough business.
  3. Hello everyone, I've seen some people here are really into asian and specifically japanese pottery. Do you know any excellent book on the history of ceramics in Japan. Until nowadays? Thank you!
  4. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. However, I am still learning how to throw and everything so I was hoping I could be some kind of a "potter in training": by helping someone on their production, I could learn and practice more. Does this kind of thing exist? Or I guess I could do just as you did, Diesel Clay, job that don't affect the appearance of the pieces. Maybe I should try to go to summer markets ans directly talk to them see how it goes
  5. Hello, I was looking for a position as a potter's assistant in Vancouver, BC, but as I know nothing about this kind of position, I thought I could ask the community a few questions. Did you ever had an assistant in your studio? Was it on a regular basis? What kind of work did you gave them? I've never been an assistant before so I'm sure there are a lot of things I don't know. So if you had any experiences as an assitant, or by hiring an assistant, I would love to hear how you organized everything Thank you so much!
  6. From what I know, the temperature is the key for transparency with porcelain. It probably depends on the kind on porcelain but it needs to be fired at high temperature to have this very transcluscent look. You can also check the paper clay, which can be used very thin (and so will be translucent). The only thing is there is a texture to it that you may not like. I think it adds some warmth when used with light but is depends on the effect you want to achieve
  7. Chris, I totally agree with you! Even though you give someone your glaze recipe, if they don't fire the exactely way you do, it won't look the same. Or if they dip into the glaze whereas your brush it... These things are just a tiny part of such a huge and complicated process that I believe it is impossible (almost) to really copy something.
  8. Sometimes I feel this copyrighting thing is just plain wrong. So many times I have been looking for internship with ceramists to learn some techniques, and so many times I've heard people being afraid of sharing their knowledge because they feared someone would copy what they do. So by not sharing the knowledge, it doesn't help the whole community. And I also believe that it is just impossible to do exactely the same thing. And also, if you have a specific style that people like, I don't see any reason why your clients would go someplace else. But overall, I feel each potter has his own way of working and even though you can learn the exact same technique as another potter, your results will be different. I believe sharing and giving workshop and courses is a great way to allow people to learn and to discover something they don't know, and it is also very stimulating for the instructor to see how people interpet the techniques and what they do with it.
  9. Thanks for the link Marcia. Oldlady, I feel like experimenting is definitely the best. Even though some potter are satisfied with doing the same kind of things for years, if you feel like trying, you should I hope your tests will turn out well!
  10. Wow this is beautiful and gives me soooo many ideas of things to try. The ones white inside with colours juste on the outside are really awesome!
  11. I don't know if you've heard of this website http://www.potter.cm/ It looks like some kind of "social network" of potters and it looks that there is a great diversity of people posting their pictures. I always find inspiring things on there. Thanks for your link Chris, there are some beautiful things indeed John, I feel experimenting is the best way to get inspired, the problem being finding the time to try ^^
  12. Hello everybody. First of all I'd like to introduce myself as I am new to this community. I have been taking pottery courses for the past 2 years trying to learn different throwing techniques. Eventually, I'd love to open my own studio but I'm not there yet Anyway, I was wondering, who your favourite potters / ceramists were? I love discovering new talents (at least new to me) and I'm sure you know tons on artisans I've never heard of. Also, do you take your inspiration only in pottery or just everywhere? I'm curious!
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