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  1. Hehe, thanks. I have never really taught...given tips and been told I should teach, but ehh. I`d rather sit in my living room/studio with my bunnies and my fella and make stuff. :) All I can say is to study shapes and features of what makes something cute. Googly eyes are a good start. :D

  2. Thank you! ^_^ I am really happy everyone is coming out of the woodwork and checking out the wonderful stuff here! Rabbits are so much fun to sculpt--I really love them. I have eight house bunnies that are spoiled rotten, and they are a huge inspiration to me. ♥

  3. Heehee! This piece took me almost a week to underglaze, and was my finest achievement for a long time. I was seething mad when I found out it arrived broken! Gaaah... But, thank you! ^_^ I really miss the softness of ^6 firing sometimes...♥

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