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  1. Following. Great thread! But I keep lamenting my inability to buy an L&L here in Europe. They now have a distributor in UK, but UK is not in EU anymore! >hits forehead with open palm< Well, like I said, really good discussion!
  2. Bill, What is a "cfold" please? Otherwise - sounds like great advice!
  3. Thanks Neilestrick, That is good information to have. It points me to things I hadn't known in terms hinge panel! I will definitely look there. Also as far as the sectionals. I'll look further into them. I was thinking about tiles when focusing primarily on right-angle kilns. Davinci looks great, for example, but is very expensive and then has the high Danish sales tax (25%) to be paid on it including the transportation cost wrapped in, and customs duties. I might have found a company that will import it for me - and then I can possibly get what I want and not have to pay the incredible extra costs in DK. Still - gonna give a re-think to the sectionals! Thanks again
  4. That is what I would have thought too. Rhose and Pyrotec are also German. But as someone wrote in another thread, maybe it was you!, all manufacturers choose where they will cut costs or add features. I'm a big fan of how L&L holds the elements. But I did start looking at Nabertherm tonight . . . still researching. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Hi All, writing as an American from East Coast but living in Denmark. I am in need of a new kiln after buying 2 used that I couldn't get working properly (I live on an island with only 6,000 people - none knowledgeable about kiln tech/specs/operation/parts etc. and my husband and I are useless for various reasons. I will sell the 2 to people off the island and get back some money). In Denmark there is one manufacturer of kilns and, as such, they get hefty prices for quality I'm not so sure about. Before, I buy, I'd love to hear anyone's recommendations, experience or knowledge of qualities/reliability/durability of kilns in EU (some being sold in the U.S. as well)? (Rhode, Nabertherm, Paragon, Olympic, Cromartie, Potterycrafts, possibly Skutt- many others made in the UK)? I would absolutely be buying an L&L in the U.S. if I were there (and couldn't join a shared studio). Rhode and Nabertherm are closest to where I live in Denmark. L&L does not have a supplier in EU, though I do have one on the East Coast who will ship to me - so I am considering that too. I know though that customs duties will be outrageous, and tax will include the duties and shipping costs plus price and tax the whole amount at 25%! All those I can find in EU will require shipping to where I live so would consider the right kiln from UK or other EU countries. Any ideas - they will be highly appreciated! THANKS in advance
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