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  1. stephsteph

    tile and architectural ceramics

    work by Stephani Stephenson Revival Arts Studio http://www.revivaltileworks.com
  2. From the album: tile and architectural ceramics

    After years of therapy and calling itself by other names, this glaze proudly calls itself Avocad. Ignore those 70s flashbacks! it is reviving itself as a popular accent color and looks gorgeous by itself and with other tones and materials . this is a small layout to size for a fireplace project. 6 X 6 field tile, L trim and 3 inch decos.
  3. From the album: tile and architectural ceramics

    hanging round the studio. for proper hanging I provide decorative screw hole covers, instead of baling wire. side sconces are 6 1/2 X 15 inches. can be adapted for electric or candle use.
  4. From the album: sculpture and vessels

    side view. about 5 X 7 inches. in progress.
  5. From the album: sculpture and vessels

    working on a small Bacchus corbel
  6. Getting some goodness from a glaze test fire this morning, and excited about spending 2 weeks in China!

    1. Babs


      share your images, love to see them!

  7. finished taxes. working on a tile restoration project, a mural for a public library and some new tile designs.springtime energy!

  8. From the album: tile and architectural ceramics

    this was the project for a 2 day workshop with a small group of students at Francis Marion Univerity in November 2013. focus was on making modular units for the base. we didn't have a large enough drape mold on hand to do a proper basin design, but students were able to make all of the components to see how such a fountain would work. great 2 days with a wonderful group of students and thanks to prof. Doug Gray for sponsoring the workshop!
  9. From the album: tile and architectural ceramics

    making modular components for a freestanding fountain base. 2 day workshop with students at Francis Marion University, november 2013
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