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Found 8 results

  1. Raven's Nest gallery is hosting a one day exhibit of Sculpture and Tile by Stephani Stephenson. this event takes place on July 26, 2016, during the week of the Silver city Clay Festival. The gallery will be open regular business hours and hold an Artist's reception that evening, during Festival Gallery night. . This is the Raven's Nest's last hurrah in Silver City Stephenson will be bringing new sculpture and a 'trunk show' assortment of tile. See you there! Raven's Nest, 201 North Bullard Street, Silver City, New Mexico intersection of Bullard and Broadway, in downtown Silver City Ground floor of the Palace Hotel building.
  2. A few open spaces remain for the 4 day comprehensive tilemaking workshop I will be teaching at Cloudy Mountain Pottery, in the foothills of the Cascade Mtns near Bellingham Washington. We will cover clay bodies, field tile and trim, glazing, relief tile, plaster moldmaking, design, layout, etc. It is all hands on. Some lodging may be available, please contact Shelly Stark. Instructor is a full time professional tilemaker ,sculptor and ceramist. this looks to be a fantastic workshop with a great group of people in a truly lovely setting August 9-12. 4 days. $425. contact Shelly Stark 360 5499 9558 See you there! Stephani Stephenson Revival Arts Studio/Revival Tileworks http://www.revivaltileworks.com
  3. DATE : August 9-12, 2016 LOCATION: Cloudy Mountain Pottery, Maple Falls ,WA HANDMADE TILE: 4 days, comprehensive workshop with Stephani Stephenson of Revival Tileworks Join us this summer, August 9-12 2016, at Cloudy Mountain Pottery for an exciting 4 day workshop with the fabulous Stephani Stephenson. This will be an intensive, comprehensive hands on tile making workshop. Come learn design, relief modeling/ carving, making field tile and trim, moldmaking, extruding, pressing and forming techniques. If that isn’t enough, we will also cover drying, firing, clays, surface treatments and glazing. Participants will make a relief tile and reusable mold. Cost: $425 includes 4 day workshop and all materials. Stephenson is a full time tile maker and sculptor. She brings a sense of both history and exploration, experience and high energy to her workshops. link to information: http://cloudymountainpottery.com/events/
  4. I have a laser which I have been using to engrave designs into big store bought ceramic tiles. Up to this point I have been color filling them with rub-n-buff or I have painted them and engraved off all the paint except the design itself. Sometimes I mask the tiles and laser thru the mask and then paint and remove the mask after painting. I also have a sand blaster which I sometimes use to etch the tiles deeper than the laser can do. I have a kiln ordered that will fire cone 10. I would like to color the engravings and fire them in the kiln so the completed tiles can be set using sanded grout. i.e. more durability than with the process I now use. Being brand new to this adventure with a kiln, I could use all the advice and recommendations you may wish to provide. The laser takes the factory glaze off and leaves a so I am unclear as to which type glaze I should use and would china paints and/or india ink work? The picture attached is close up of one of the tiles that has been engraved with the laser.
  5. I am looking for a new kiln that would be the best for firing 1/2" stoneware tiles, up to 12x12" cone 6. I will be firing other work as well, and smaller tile as well.. I'm wondering about the efficiency of putting square tiles in round kilns... so I began looking at the L and L square kilns which are expensive, but amazing. Is there an advantage to having a coil in the floor of the kiln...? Bailey's has that. I'm looking for single phase, 240 with computer.
  6. Presented by Artisan Tile NW, thirty five artists will be showing and selling handmade tiles in a wide variety of techniques and motifs. Garden art will also be displayed. The show is at the UW Center for urban Horticluture 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, Washington 98105. Hours: November 1st 10-5, November 2nd 11-3.
  7. Just posted my summer workshop information. in adition to a fantastic June workshop I'll be co-teaching with Marcia Selsor at La Meridiana, I am scheduling two workshops in July at a beautiful new venue in Oceanside, CA,( north of San Diego, near the beach and nestled in the palm and pines.) Registration is open, workshop size is small, happy to answer any questions and looking forward to seeing some of you! details are at http://www.revivaltileworks.com/arworkshops2014.html Stephani Stephenson http://revivaltileworks.com revivalsteph@gmail.com
  8. Hello all. As part of an effort to launch a small home-based business, I'm in the process of designing and building a themed drink coaster. I've identified specific needs for the base of this coaster and I'm considering using ceramic to meet those needs. As I have no experience working with ceramics or clay, I was hoping to describe what I want to accomplish and solicit your advice. Each coaster will consist of two primary components- a thin concrete upper portion and a (potentially) thin ceramic base, with a piece of cork glued under the ceramic for tabletop protection. I've been working on the concrete part of this for several weeks and have about got that where I want it, so now I'm considering the base. I considered cork for the entire base but it's not really as sturdy as I want, and could potentially come apart in chunks, and wood is going to react poorly to repeated exposure to dripping condensation from mugs/cans/bottles, etc. The outline of the ceramic would mimic (and be larger than) the outline of the concrete piece; think of the outline of letters that form a word, so it won't be a simple square or circle. In addition, there would be a recessed area in the ceramic for the concrete top to set into. This 'nesting' will help support a somewhat brittle concrete shape. The thick outer portion of the ceramic would be 1/4" thick and the recessed inner area would be ~ 1/8" thick. I want a material for the base that will be rigid, absorbent, dark gray / black (to provide contrast to the light color of the concrete) and something I can work with in my basement without requiring space for a bunch of new equipment. The pieces would be kiln-fired by some local vendor. I'm supposing this would be similar to creating a flat tile, so it seems like it should work. Some of the questions on my mind are: What would be the advantages / disadvantages to using pressed clay vs slip poured into an open mold? What are the steps to making an absorbent ceramic? Is it just leaving out the glaze / firing process at the end? Is there a particular type of clay thay would work best for this? What's the best way to get the desired dark color? The recessed area in the finished ceramic piece needs to be exactly the same shape as the concrete piece that sets into it, so how do I factor in clay shrinkage to get to that point? Any information you can offer to assist me in my endeavor is greatly appreciated!
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