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  1. work by Stephani Stephenson Revival Arts Studio http://www.revivaltileworks.com
  2. Getting some goodness from a glaze test fire this morning, and excited about spending 2 weeks in China!

    1. Babs


      share your images, love to see them!

  3. finished taxes. working on a tile restoration project, a mural for a public library and some new tile designs.springtime energy!

  4. none of the categories quite fit me. tile maker? sculptor? hand builder? potter isn't accurate either though i don't howl about being in the big tribe. oh? and that other word, at least it is better if you take out the extra 'syllalibble' i.e., ceramist rather than ceramicist.
  5. Welcome Stephanie!!!

    I like the forum better than clayart as far as politeness goes. And not as sexist IMHO.

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