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  1. Finally got power back on this morning, after 8-1/2 days without due to the "derecho" that hit last Monday.

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    2. Min


      I guess the bright side is it's summer and you didn't have to deal with freezing temperatures plus a power outage plus a pandemic. 

    3. Benzine



      Little to no damage to our home or garage to speak of.  We lost half of our front tree, which is our only tree, and it kind of fell on our front porch.  However, it just managed to dent part of the gutter. 

      We also lost a single shingle.

      This definitely gave us confidence in the strength and durability of our Century old home!

    4. Denice


      I was a decorator for 20 years and potted on weekends and evenings.   I had one of my regular customer's new home wiped off the face of the earth,  her old home was next door and it just  got shifted off the foundation.  It was still a loss but they didn't lose everything in the home.    We bought a 100 years old house shortly after the wind damage we had.   We lived there for 13 years and had four tornadoes pass over our house.   Usually  the corners of our house would get broken off,  we had one tornado that hit a school and shopping center near us.   It dropped part of the shopping center roof in our back yard,  we were very lucky.    My husband was in the shower on the third floor when it passed over he came running down the stairs naked hollering about the tornado.   For some reason the tornado sirens didn't go off.  We had to move because of my MS,  we built our new house to be solid and of course a basement.     Denice

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