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  1. what do your dislike more; waiting for a kiln to cool or watching paint dry?

    1. Chilly


      Watching paint dry is better, at least there is something to watch !

    2. Cavy Fire Studios
    3. Rebekah Krieger

      Rebekah Krieger

      kiln is worse!! You can at least see the result with the paint!!

  2. Mark C. and Neil E. what porcelain would you recommend for cone 6. The local supply enter usually has some Laguna and Standard Clays. I know they have Tom Coleman's cone 10, but would like to stay at cone 6.
  3. I have been using stoneware for years and more recently started using some white stoneware for teeth and eyeballs on face jugs. Then I started throwing some swirl ware pieces since I had some white clay and brown. Over time I have been increasing the percentage of white clay on hand as I like the way some glazes look on it. I now have about 60% white verses a couple of years ago it would have been 90% brown and 10% white. So there is a chance I may completely switch to white and maybe porcelain. I also have added some horse hair firings and so far, can use the same white stoneware.
  4. I just bought a bunch of standard 181 wht stoneware. Neil and Mark, You're making me think I should have gone with a porcelain. I have been using a buff stoneware, so I just went with familiarity / assuming this will throw/behave more like what I had than porcelain. I wanted to try white because some of my glazes look better on it.
  5. Just unloaded my first firing with ancient jasper layered with my usual glazes. these have Alberta Slip glaze inside and out with Ancient Jasper dipped a few times on top 1/3rd.AJalbertamugs,jpg.bmp One without any red has Steven Hills Hanas fake ash dipped on top. AJalbertamugs,jpg.bmp
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