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  1. Less than thirty days until I quit my day job and do this full time!!!

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    2. ChenowethArts


      That is inspiring! "Hitch your wagon to a star".

    3. Evelyne Schoenmann
    4. oldlady


      now less than 2 weeks!!!!

  2. burning the candle at both ends...

    1. Babs


      Stay centred!

  3. Not that I've seen, but I'm not the expert on that sort of thing. My guess would be that you simply didn't apply the glaze thick enough. Once you apply what you think is enough, put on like 2 more sloppy coats. I've never seen too much glaze with these.
  4. I adore my potters choice glazes. I've got tons of them. You have to apply THICK. I've never seen any of them go on too thick, but its easy to go too thin. I fire mine to cone 6 and they turn out great. Under-fired they look muddy, and I once had a load get over-fired (guessing about cone 7) and they all looked muddy and had a brownish tint to them. I've got: -Olive speckle -sienna speckle -ironstone -iron lustre -blue rutile -midnight blue -tourmaline -temmoku -indigo float -frosted melon -deep firebrick -seaweed maybe some others I've forgotten. I'm a glaze impul
  5. My suit has mud on it....

  6. Mesi


    Some of my more recent work
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