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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies! I really appreciate the suggestions. My partner and I normally only do shows within like a 40 mile radius of home, and nothing near as big as this one, that's why we're a little high strung about it. I think we've decided for now to just stick with our general liability insurance, even though it doesn't protect our ware, and in the event that some catastrophe befalls it we'll cross that bridge then (you know,by weeping mostly). Sounds like everything else is just such a gamble as to whether it would be covered anyway. Eep, big shows!
  2. That was supposed to be "B :" not a sunglass smiley. Lol
  3. Help!! Is there any way to do this? I've spoken to a dozen different people this week trying to find a way to insure my pottery while travelling to a show 600 miles away. The closest thing to a solution that anyone could come up with that covers us while in transit was a general business insurance policy, which is A) waaayyyy to expensive for something we really only need for this show, and only insures the cost of materials that went into the work. Does anyone know of anything better?
  4. Okay, so 4 or so firings later, and I'm still no closer to solving this mystery. Everything is still attached correctly. I even uninstalled the duct and used a shorter more direct route from kiln to vent. Seems to stank up my house even when there is no wind. Holding a match over the lid holes, I do see the flame being pulled in a bit, and when I go outside there is a lit of air being blown out the vent. Anybody have any other suggestions? Do I just call skutt and try to troubleshoot? At this point I'm really frustrated because I spent $400 and got this thing, and my house sti
  5. All the peephole plugs were in. I'll try checking with a match when I get home (kiln is off now, but the vent is still running). I guess it could be the wind interfering with it. I dont remember what the weather was like when I first noticed the problem. Another thought- does how the kiln is packed make a difference in the vent's functionality?
  6. So... Many.... Egg separators.... Closely followed by spoon rests. Third runner up are (oddly specific )mugs with trees on them. Any kind of mug. Any kind of tree. People around here have been losing their minds for all three of these items lately.
  7. Haha, my in studio dehumidifier is named "the professor" because we set him up in front of ware to dry it, so it looks like he's standing up in front of a class. We took it a step further and gave him a mustache and monocle too... Lol Certain finished ceramic pieces get names too, but they're never flattering. there was sonofab*tch the flower pot, and dumb little brother the traveler mug...
  8. I installed a skutt envirovent 2 several months ago to help deal with fumes when firing (especially wax resist). My studio is in my basement and as I've transitioned to being a full time potter, I'm firing 2 or 3 days a week. The fumes were definitely shortening my life. Lol Vent worked perfectly until about a week ago when I started noticing fumes again. And tonight the smell was so bad it woke me from a dead sleep to open all the windows (even though its snowing with 60mph wind). So, I'm sitting in my living room at 2am in a parka and bunny slippers hoping someone has some experien
  9. Less than thirty days until I quit my day job and do this full time!!!

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    2. ChenowethArts


      That is inspiring! "Hitch your wagon to a star".

    3. Evelyne Schoenmann
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      now less than 2 weeks!!!!

  10. burning the candle at both ends...

    1. Babs


      Stay centred!

  11. Also, on the dehumidifier thing, I use one sometimes, but it can dry stuff out FAST (including eyes and lips, haha). So if you leave it on and you're out of the studio for a day you can come back a pile of ware that's too dry to work with anymore. :/
  12. I've tried a LOT of mops and I find that the replaceable sponge mops are the best. They hold up well and clean out easily. The rope mop was a clay-caked disaster. I got the floor squeegee from Home Depot or Lowes. 18 inch squeegee head on like a mop handle.
  13. 1. What type of utility sink will be sufficient-will "plastic" hold up? Mine's plastic and it holds up fine. I've got a trap in there as well to catch all the clay goobers. 3. About how much room should I leave around the kiln in a separate room for stacking, maintenance, etc. 18 inches I think is what most manufacturers recommend. Due to space constraints my kiln is in the same room as the studio itself, i just close the door and stay out when firing. 4. I'm building a 4x8 studio table. Any suggestion as to a material for the top? I am considering hardboard
  14. Haha yes! We totally do this in my studio. The first favorite glaze combo we made was "artsy glaze number 5" (5 being completely arbitrarily chosen). And now any glaze combo involving Amaco's Oatmeal is "Artsy glaze #___". We've also got "Galaxy" and "Alien cat" (long story...)
  15. This post has perfect timing! I JUST set up an instagram account for my ceramics! And super thank you for the list of users to follow, its really inspirational! @mesireeceramicsstudio (shameless plug)
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