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Has anyone attempted to use natural iron pyrite in a clear base glaze to a mid to high fire on stoneware? I would like to use iron pyrite collected directly from area streams which may contain minute amounts of gold or silver. I would like to avoid having to completely reinvent the wheel. I have a propane updraft kiln.  Any advice or educated guesses are welcome.


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Unfortunately pyrite isn't chemically stable at kiln temps, and its by-products are some nasty things (Hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, sulphuric acid).  When roasted it forms a less stable Iron sulphide which can ignite in air.


If you were to process it to be a usable ceramic material, you'd have some form of iron oxide.  I personally wouldn't bother with it.  It's a lot of semi-dangerous work for one of the cheapest pigments out there.

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