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    Hunting, fishing, boating, camping, a good camp fire with friends and family, good whisky and a fine cigar. Learning what I can about clay and its use.
  1. Thanks Lee, I'll play with that combination and see what happens.
  2. Does anyone have any ideas on how to replicate Mayco's Midnight Rain. I would like to experiment with variations; however, I am really in the dark as to where to start to obtain this kind of effect. I find the interaction of the blues and greens along with the running oil spot effect intriguing. I would greatly appreciate ideas on where to start with a basic recipe.
  3. Reading your schedules reminds me of my past adventure in the jewelry business while maintaining full time a career. I am exceedingly grateful that I do this for pure enjoyment, though I must say watching shelves become bare can be a fulfilling experience.
  4. Being new at this myself, I can only offer a suggestion for a reasonably priced alternative for small quantities, how about using a lapidary rock tumbler?
  5. Thanks for the info. This will certainly save me a great deal of headache. This alone paid for my membership fee, and then some.
  6. Has anyone attempted to use natural iron pyrite in a clear base glaze to a mid to high fire on stoneware? I would like to use iron pyrite collected directly from area streams which may contain minute amounts of gold or silver. I would like to avoid having to completely reinvent the wheel. I have a propane updraft kiln. Any advice or educated guesses are welcome.
  7. Listen to Marcia. She has a handle on this subject. Simple plaster, should it hold up to the experience, will not likely provide agood result. Plasters are designed just for this purpose, such as Satin Cast20. To effectively utilize the lost wax process, the (wax) burnout alonerequires the mold to be heated and held at somewhere near 2000F to insure aclean good, clean mold. In the end, the only two ways you are going to get aclean casting is either via vacuum casting or centrifugal casting, with centrifugalproviding the best results. Working with molten metal is loaded with pitfalls. Consider the idea of how you’regoing to clean out your kiln once splattered silver and flux. Oh yes, nearlyforgot, you cannot simply put silver and a crucible and melt it. It must befluxed creating many additional negative issues. I am reading this forum because I don't know much about potting; however, I do know a little about casting gold and silver. I guess the simple answer is "don't go there".
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