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B Mix Cone 5-6

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Hi Neil, No, I'm sure it was 5. I made a dozen small salt shakers and they were all marked cone 5.

(I mark each piece with the clay I use because I use several) I also use cone 10 and cone 10 for wood..

I actuallmade these before I hade the cone 10 in the studio..

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It seems odd if that's the case. Bmix 5 should vitrify at cone 5-6, so by 11 it should be having some issues. I'd run an absorption test of a bar fired at cone 5 and see just how tight it really is. How big was the piece? A very small little cup may not show slumping problems like a larger piece.

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Helios (highwater) lists stats, 1%@ cone 7, >1 % @ cone ten.


I've seen other "porcelain" based clays have similar small range of vitrification.


Since the b-mix is a secret, No one knows, however mfgr's description indicate "porcelain like texture", maybe it has porcelain in it.


I've heard of people complaints of cracking while drying, with this clay. To me, it sounds very similar to porcelaineous body issue.


So is I think it is possible you fired your cone 5 clay to cone 10. And still have functional body. Maybe?


But vitrification rules differ from range of absorption, to range of density.


I've also read many commercial clays are designed to be under fired, to prevent slumping among other things.


I know of people that fire cone 10 clays to the 6-7 range, the pieces are functional and don't leak, functional in practical sense.....

I'm running some absorption tests on a few of these clays.


Speculation to follow:

The b miix body may have both porcelain and gold art in large percentages

Non pocelain bodies would most likely have failed at plus 5 cones.

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