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  1. I've had lots of trouble with palladium. I apply 2-3 coats and fire it to ^6 with a 15 minute hold. It's usually that nice silver but is occasionally that ugly black. I have also found that it looks especially silvery under a clear glaze.
  2. I have had very bad luck with potter's choice glazes. I agree they all turn out really dark and muddy looking. The only one I ever use is Palladium which i've had a lot of trouble keeping from running.
  3. I don't know what my kiln manual says, but I fire in Colorado blizzards (down to -20 degrees) and my kilns do just fine. Darrel
  4. Have to make 2 kiln loads of work by the 20th while attending school 5 days a week. So little time!

  5. Im having a mini panic attack regarding my pile of commission/exhibition/gallery deadlines

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