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Clear Gloss Glaze For White Earthenware

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Hi out there.

does anyone have a good recipe for a clear gloss glaze for white earthenware, firing to a max. of 1100 degrees centigrade.

Many thanks for your help.

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I have two suggestions a cone 06 to 04 Idiot Proof Clear or a more complex Silky Clear you'd flux down.




102.0%    Clear ^04 - 06  Idiot Proof   $1.51

  90.0%    Ferro Frit 3195  ^08  exp 6.5  23% Boron

  10.0%    Ball Clay OM4

    2.0%    Bentonite


The slightly yellow contaminants in Ball Clay tempers the bluish-clear Ferro Frits melt to, resulting in a neutral clear.  If you wish to make this less fluid at higher cones, you will need to drop the Bentonite and add Kaolin starting with 10%.  Adding larger amounts will require the addition of Silica as well to maintain the Silica/Alumina ratio. 





Tony Hansen on Digitalfire offers a less shiny clear with more ingredients. 


This glaze is intended as a ^6 clear base for the addition of refractory mason stain colorants, so the glaze should be fluid by itself at 1,100 C. 


If this glaze is not fluid enough at your desired cone, adding some additional frit like Ferro 3195 will quickly flux this glaze down to your desired cone. Start with an addition of 10% and see what cone that leaves you with, then add more if required. 


You could use Ferro 3124 in place of the 3195 but you'd need more of it as 3124 relies on more calcium and less boron, so has a ^05 melting point as opposed to ^08 for 3195.  This recipe is already calcium rich so needs boron to melt at lower cones.

http://cone6pots.ning.com/photo/stains-in-a-cone-low-expansion-transparent-glaze  --  http://digitalfire.com/4sight/recipes/low_expansion_glossy_clear_cone_6_45.html


101.5%   G1215U - Low Expansion Silky Glossy Clear  ^6

  26.0%   Silica

  24.0%   Feldspar F-4 Soda Minspar

  20.0%   Ferro Frit 3249 - magnesium anti-craze frit

  14.5%   Wollastonite

  14.0%   Kaolin


When I use this glaze as a ^6 clear, I add an additional 3% magnesium carbonate to this glaze to make even silkier and less shiny.

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