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Hi all


Yesterday I posted a reply which encouraged someone dissatisfied with their community college pottery teacher to 'step up and speak up'   and that   'sometimes it just takes one person to act first'.............well, just found out the kiln gods are working their magic today!!!


Am signed up to ArtsHub, an Australian all artforms industry information site and received an email to join the first ever Australian Arts Party, a new political party aiming to be the first public 'voice' of the arts in our country and contest our next state and federal elections in support of all artists, art education and art audiences around Australia....isn't that amazing!!.......it appears to be the first political party of its kind in the world!


............yeah, fantastic news to be sure but what has it got to do with the kiln gods????...........


..... well....one of the founding committee members is Bernadette Mansfield, daughter-in-law of the late eminent woodfire potter Janette Mansfield.   Bernadette was in my BFA ceramics classes at National Art School and she is one of the most highly dedicated individuals you could hope to meet, she is also the mother of four and a ball of fun!....


Have just now joined The Australian Arts Party as a founding member at the federal level...........gives me my chance to step up and speak up about the appalling status of the arts in my country.......will be exciting!!


Have a look........










.......you know, maybe it could be a worldwide movement one day.....???




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