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My Grandmother's Old Crock

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I just found this old earthenware crock in my grandmother's stuff.  She lived in Idaho all her life and never really traveled.  The crock has no stamp or markings of any kind.  Does anyone have any idea as to the era or geographical area in which it might have been made.  My mother has remembers of  her mother using it when my mother (now 75 y/o) was a little girl during the depression.



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This looks almost exactly like my wifes grandmothers butterchurn. Its sitting here in dining room with a wood lid and wood handle. I'm to busy to shoot and post a photo right now. I can do that later. The pot is 9 1/2 inches tall x 6.5 in diameter-glaze looks the same as does  the bottom. Thats about all I can add. You are missing the wood lid and churn handle.Ours has a few chips yours is cracked.


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