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New Kiln With Crack In Lid - Minor Or Major Concern?

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I ordered a large new Olympic oval kiln, interior measurements 35" L x 25" W x 29" H. It has the counterweight lid lift assist handle. It was to be delivered next week, but when I stopped by the clay store to look at it today, we tore away the wrapping and found a small crack at the front of the lid, where the handle is screwed on through the metal band that wraps the lid. (It looks as if someone didn't pre-drill or they didn't drill deep enough before inserting the screw.)  The crack is about an inch or so long and doesn't go all the way through to the underside of the lid.  The store owner mentioned having it repaired, but I think it needs to be replaced.  It seems to me that the crack will only grow as stress is continually put on that spot when lifting the lid.  The store owner told me that she will have to remove the lid and make the 4-hour drive to Atlanta to swap it out, as the Olympic folks will not deliver another one unless they happen to be delivering something in the vicinity.  The owner is really nice, and I don't want to make her life harder by being unreasonable, but this was a big investment for me, and I don't want to watch that crack grow.  What would you (more experienced kiln-owners) do? 



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I agree with you on the replacement, unless of course the owner is going to discount the kiln the amount of a new lid with shipping and handling costs included. This lid could be good for 5 or 6 firings or more and then start having real problems. To purchase it and then have warranty run out before you have fired very much could be problematic. Have it fixed to your satisfaction up front.

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