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Wax On, Wax Off,

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For those of you who don't want to support Hobby Lobby, other craft stores stock Mold Builder Liquid Latex and Amazon has it for a couple of bucks less than Hobby Lobby.



Why not support Hobby Lobby, because their prices are ridiculous?



It's political so I won't go into it here.



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For all Liquid Latex products keep them from freezing-it will mess them up-also true for water base waxes, Best to keep air off them when stored as well.


As far as wax I have had super great experiences with Moblilcer-A from Laguna Clay-I buy it in 5 gallons buckets every 5 years

It also comes in smaller sizes

I have used this product for more years than I can recall with never a bad experience unless you spill it on the floor-which I have


as Far as latex the Ammonia Base latex -IP 234 from laguna is a great product as well-never had an issue- It peels well taking the glaze on top with it.

you can buy these from ceramic distributors- not Romper Room or Hobby Lobby or Crafters supply house of hobby horrors.

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