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creating 'turn up' on clay tiles

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I work with square tiles, patterning them, then placing round pieces of clay at all 4 edges to try and get the clay to turn up, so that the tile turns into a clay holder. The problem is I can't get a nice consistent curl up, and each dish looks differant.


If there a 'smarter' way to do this, as this isn't really working properly. I have though about getting some wood wedges cut, all 4 the same size, so that the turn up is consistent.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated.



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do you have any foam rubber that you can press the clay tile into? depending of the thickness and firmness of the foam you can get the edges to turn up using a piece of flat wood that is slightly smaller than the "tile". it does not sound as though you are really making tile but slab pottery.

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