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Marcia Selsor

European substitute for Ferro Frit 3124?

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In France, I am going to the supply store on Tuesday to get glaze chemicals for my raku workshop firing next weekend. Does anyone know a European substitute for FerroFrit 3124 and Gerstley Borate? I have several books at home that have those listed but I don't have them here. The supply store is the Ceradel, a national ceramic supply store.

This is a great experience here and we starting firing bisqued this weekend. My fellow artists in Residence and I will have our exhibition Oct. 13-18 in Vallauris, France if anyone is in the area.

Marcia Selsor

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From John Hesselberth's site:


8. Do you use frits in your glaze recipes? I live in Europe and have difficulty obtaining frits that are available in North America.


Yes, we source all of the boron from frits. In our opinion, Gerstley Borate and Colemanite are too variable in composition and of questionable future availability. Below is a table of the frits we use (first column) and near-equivalents that may be more readily available in your part of the world.













General Color
































































And Gerstley, via Edward B's sites http://smart2000.pagesperso-orange.fr/gerstley_borate0.htm



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I'm reluctant to stick my nose into something I have very little knowledge of and so I won't attempt to offer any substitutes, but if you are prepared to consider mail-order there are a couple of places in the UK who offer American frits.


These two shown here both have Ferro Frit 3124, there may be others.


Clayman Supplies is a bit old fashioned and takes orders via telephone or e-mail, Scarva are a little more up to date and can handle on-line orders.







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Thanks Ayjay but we are firing next weekend so that probably would not be soon enough. I am hoping Ceradel has some substitute for Ferro 3124 which can be used in place of Gerstley Bortate and Colemanite.

At least in Overglazing anyway...so I am assuming it can be used in raku glazes as well. Before coming here

I should have written down the conversions from Michael Bailey's book on Cone 6 glazes.


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The chart was a little hard to read but I got it. I Will check the Ceradel catalog and see if they have the appropriate substitute.

Eduaord 's data suggest 3110 substitute for Gerstley Borate... I agree that is a more common Frit for raku.

I have used Linda Arbuckle' substitute for Gerstley borate as Frit3124 for mixing with stains for over glazes.

so I think either one may do in Raku if it is not a large amount of the glaze. I think both are Boron Frits.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will see what is available on Tuesday.


In Vallauris, France

On the chart I think all of those or at least Ferro. general Fusion, Hommel and Pemco are North American frits.

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I have seen big bags of several FerroFrits in a Belgian shop Argilières Hins. They don't list them on their website, but you could call them to see if they have what you want (French speaking) .






Thanks, but I am back in the states now.


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