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clay lover

how far ahead to advertise?

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phill    17

My clay group is planing a group sale. How far ahead of the sale day should we send out post cards? What about e-mail? Thanks.smile.gif




I send my postcard invites about 3 weeks out. I email twice, once about the same time, 3 weeks out. Again just a couple days before the sale or a day before the sale as a reminder. Even when you think you make it super clear when your sale is, people always ask again and again when it is. What is obvious to you is not obvious to them.



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Mark C.    1,798

Back in the day (last one was 92) of my 19 years of studio sales. I would mail a 1st class card about 2 1/2 weeks out. If its to soon they forget- To late they make other plans.You want it in their hands at least with two weekends left. so they can plan.

I'd take Phil's advice on e-mails at least once close to the sale as folks do not recall much these days-also mention all sale details on everything dates times etc.

Another tip is use fluorescent poster board for signage as your eye cannot miss it. I use it to this day on a sale I do at Christmas for past 32 years-folks really cannot miss the signs and thats the best feedback you can hear on signage. Why have a sign that is hard to see?

The other thing is those bright signs bring in folks who know nothing about the sale/show as well.


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GEP    863

I agree with Phill and Mark. And I'd like to add that no matter what you advertise as your hours, don't be surprised if somebody arrives at 10am. I think some people just assume that all events start at 10am :-). Even if you are still setting up, let them in! Those early birds are intent on buying.


Have a great show!



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