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Needed head for randall kick wheel

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Hi PJ!

I haven't worked with a Randall, nor a Lockerbie (although I have touched - cleaned - haha, several...), let alone examine the shaft and wheel head fit up.

However, as I'm curious, did find a manual


from here


Note the shaft is described as "taper" - hence, likely that actual/genuine Randall wheel heads are the only fit, but I'm just guessing there. Should it turn out that finding same is difficult, an adapter should be easy enough to machine, given you can find a willing machinist!

Looks like the connection to that .pdf is rather slow - wait for all six pages to load up...

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I agree with Hulk. Chances are another brand won't fit, but a machinist could make and adapter. However, with an adapter the head might sit higher than you want. So you may need to cut down the shaft, if possible. It will all depend on how it is assembled. Do you have the old head off? If so post a picture of the shaft where it attaches.

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