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I am fairly new to pottery and lack glazing experience. I am going to have my first experience with dipping (Amaco PC) 

After dipping can I brush small amounts of Amaco PC brushing glaze over the dipped glaze?

thanks to you all for help !! 

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Hello H, and welcome to the forums,

Is the original PC glaze a dipping glaze or are you pouring it out of the pint size jars, which are designed for brushing? It sounds like you're wanting to do some layering...if so, what colors are you working with? If you spend any time here in the forums you will learn the primary mantra..."TEST...TEST...TEST!" I've been brushing and layering the PC glazes for some time now and have come up with some spectacular results but the testing has been done on full size pieces. I've found some great combinations that give really good results, but the outcomes that I've come up with may or not be what you are looking for. Each glaze firing is a thrill for me! Here are a couple of samples.

If I can be of any help in the future, please feel free to contact me...



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