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Mark C.

Molokai Art Center salt kiln conversion workshop

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This will be later in March- after the 3rd-Dates still up in the air. Will be converting an large oval electric to a salt kiln. Element and all electrics are ripped out.Its the last use for this old kiln. Will coat with fiber and spray with my coating .

Shelve the bottom with mullite. Up in the air on updraft or downdraft as ceramic materials are far and few between on this sleepy Island of 5,000.I favor down drafts but have no bricks for the stack-Most likely cut a hole in lid and use a piece of stove pipe ,if we can find one.

The center should get some fires out of this before it self destructs.

Plan on one salt fire while on Island myself. Last time I did this the results where great.

I'll fill in the dates when I know them.It will be after their big fund raiser the Soup-R-Bowl on March 3rd.


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I mailed over 7 large flat rate boxes (18.95 $each)with assortment of goodies for job inside each box . 

One Box of solid 12x12 cut mullite kiln shelves cut to fit box-added a 1/8 wood bottom to stiffen-boxed weighed 54#s

one box cut up hard bricks-I cut new stock for stilts and bag was on my wet diamonds saw-also added a wood bottom to box -weight 56#s

Two pugs of clay one Daves Porcelain and the other HABC stoneware for salt fire-box weight 52#s

A few boxes of finished bowls for fund raiser.a box of bisques salt pots-all smalls

2 boxes of tools drills cutters- high fired buttons about 50 of them, Dust masks gloves drill bits (12inch long).good cutters,etc

I also shipped over from retail sources a box of 1 inch x 24 inch x 25 foot long roll of high temp 8# fiber (amazon prime) and a large roll of nichrome wire (it may have been kanthal if I recall) from a ceramic supplier.

That stuff has landed already.

The deal is all things go by air so mail is really the only way-yes they do UPS airfreight and Fed ex but it costs more as its inter-Island hop.

Amazon lost on the fiber shipping as it was a huge box that weighed 35#s-thank you for prime shipping.



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